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Business Cards


250 Business Cards $95

500 Business Cards $105

1,000 Business Cards $115

Appointment Cards



1,000 Appointment Cards $110

2,500 Appointment Cards $145

5,000 Appointment Cards $180




500 Letterhead $120

1,000 Letterhead $150

2,500 Letterhead $215


Greeting Cards


250 Generic Greeting Cards (blank inside) $189

500 Generic Greeting Cards (blank inside) $215

1,000 Generic Greeting Cards (blank inside) $249


Greeting Card Envelopes


250 Greeting Card Envelopes $115

500 Greeting Card Envelopes $149

1,000 Greeting Card Envelopes $204


#10 Envelopes


1000 #10 Envelopes $183

2500 #10 Envelopes $305

5000 #10 Envelopes $465


#9 Security Return Envelopes (One Color)


500 #9 Security Envelopes $135

1000 #9 Security Envelopes $179

2500 #9 Security Envelopes $245


Recare Cards


1,000 Recare Cards $129

2,000 Recare Cards $170

5,000 Recare Cards $275


Mailing Label


100 4×6 Mailing Label $165

250 4×6 Mailing Label $180

500 4×6 Mailing Label $194


Note Pads


50 Note Pads (50 sheets) $180

100 Note Pads (50 sheets) $240

250 Note Pads (50 sheets) $560

8 responses to “GRIMES / CORNERSTONE: Stationery”

  1. admin says:

    8-4-2014…stationery ordered:
    1000 Scheduled Recare Cards – Dr.Grimes

  2. Eric Grimes says:

    Please change the address to 701 Wilkesboro Blvd. for all cards.

    On the back of the appt. card, move the top line and “has an appointment” up one line. Center the “has an appointment”.
    Center the bottom line and change it to: “We request 48 hours notice for changes to this appointment.”

  3. admin says:

    Stationery ordered:
    Qty. 2500 #10 envelopes.
    Qty. 2500 Letterhead

  4. Karen George says:

    I want to confirm with you that you are working on my request to add ELIE ABBOUD, DDS in purple typye underneath ERIC J. Grimes, DDS to our future stationery orders. I also would like to see a proof of how this will look on cards and other items before I order. Thank you,
    Karen George

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am still waiting for the edit to the appointment cards I requested on 3/29/23 and asked you to confirm with a proof on 3/30/23. We want Elie Abboud, DDS underneath Eric J. Grimes, DDS in the same font in purple as the Business Cards that was also on the most recent version of the Appointment Cards that you printed. We also want the correct address: 701 Wilkesboro Boulevard on the card.
    Thank you,
    Karen George

  6. Karen George says:

    Please send appointment cards ordered 4/24/23 to 701 Wilkesboro Boulevard, Lenoir, NC 28645. Please contact me at 828-263-7574 if package is scheduled to arrive on Friday or Saturday so we can have a team member pick up the package as our office is only open Monday through Thursday.

    Also, please send a copy of the receipt for this order to

    Thank you,
    Karen George

  7. Karen George says:

    I need business cards for Elie Abboud, DDS.
    Can you create a card for Dr. Abboud just like the one you have for Eric J. Grimes, DDS and show me a proof of the card before printing? Thank you,
    Karen George

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please deliver 2500 Appointment Cards to Office address: Eric J. Grimes, DDS, Cornerstone Dentistry, 701 Wilkesboro Blvd, Lenoir, NC 28645 to arrive Monday – Thursday during business hours. Check to be sure you are using the most recent file that has both Dr. Grimes and Dr. Abboud’s names on the Appointment Card.

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